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Fellowes at Titanic Belfast

Titanic drama creator Julian Fellowes at Titanic Belfast Photo: ITV Meridian

Titanic Belfast has cost more than £90m and tells of the building of the liner to her maiden voyage from Southampton and her tragic end.

It is the largest and most expensive tribute to the Titanic in the world and taken three years to build.It will be opened on March 31st by First Minister Peter Robinson.

The attraction is expecting 425,000 people to visit in the first year.

Nine galleries chart the story of Titanic. The first starts with life in Belfast in the early 1900s. The next with many interactive and audio-visual affects charts the building of the ship.

Visitors then look at life on board with reconstructions of first, second and third class (steerage) passengers.

Areas also cover the departure from Southampton of Titanic through to the collision with the iceberg.

Trips end with a look at the recent dives to the wreck and the latest pictures from the site two miles below the sea.

Our correspondent Mike Pearse caught up with Julian Fellowes at Titanic Belfast.

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