Brighton man heads Titanic queue

Titanic Museum in Belfast
The Titanic Museum in Belfast has opened Photo:

The world's biggest Titanic centre has opened with a man from Brighton at the front of a queue of hundreds waiting to get inside. The biggest attraction in the world dedicated to the Titanic was opened in Belfast on Saturday morning.

In a ceremony attended by First Minister Peter Robinson a massive blue ribbon was pulled apart to reveal the word 'Titanic' that stands outside new visitor experience.

It has cost £97 million and taken three years to build.Mr Robinson said "This is better than anything else you will see in the world in relation to Titanic. We want to bring people to see what was achieved one hundred years ago".

In the queue to be among the first to see the attraction were Tom Cox from Brighton with some of his friends. He said he "couldn't wait" to get inside.

The Titanic departed from Southampton in April 1912 on her fateful maiden voyage, but she was built in Belfast.