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Hosepipe ban - your views

Caroline Sanchez: It doesn't rain in Spain for months at a time and they don't get hosepipe bans. But they do save rain when it comes - something we're not good at.

Graham Porter: From panic at the pumps to turmoil at the taps.

Karen Armitage: This can't be for everyone - car washes will still be working.

Del Lungley: Perhaps the water companies should put their own house in order, and there would be no need for a ban.

Charlotte Corfield: We pay £64 a month for water and arfe told that we can't use a hosepipe. We should get a discount.

Jackie Pentecost: I've just paid my water bill for the year, I hope I get a refund!

Amanda Heather Thomas: I put the plug in when having a shower, then use the water for my plants.