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Titanic 100: Candlelight vigil

Candles were lit in memory of the 600 from Southampton who died Photo: ITV Meridian

Hundreds of people turned out at a candlelit vigil in Southampton overnight, marking the exact moment 100 years ago, when the stern of Titanic dipped beneath the waves for the final time.

Of the 1, 500 people who died in the disaster, almost half were from the South. Today services will be held in Southampton, the New Forest, Godalming and at Eastbourne - all places with close links to those who lost their lives.

Last night's event at East Park started at 11.40pm, the moment Titanic hit an iceberg, and ended at 2.20am when she finally sank. The area of the memorial was measured to the exact size and plan of the 'unsinkable' ship, and names of those who lost their lives were displayed. Soak up some of the atmosphere at this poignant event:

Patrick Sandford, the Artistic Director at Nuffield Theatre talks about the inspiration behind the event - and what it meant to the people of Southampton in this extended interview:

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