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Brian Sewell: The critic challenged

Correspondent Derek Johnson shows Brian around the gallery Photo: ITV Meridian

One of Turner Contemporary's sternest critics was the arts writer and commentator Brian Sewell. When Meridian interviewed him for its award-winning special programme on the gallery he said it reminded him of a factory and a shed. ''Perhaps you can make Shredded Wheat in it'', he said.

We took him on a tour of the gallery after what has in many ways been a triumphant first year - half a million visitors, several awards - to see if he had changed his mind. Verdict: Yes and No. Impressed with the gallery space, the use of light and the current exhibits, unimpressed with the staircase, the lift and the insistence of calling the gallery ''Contemporary.'' He told us: '' I wish this had been my first impression of the gallery.''

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