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Exclusive: Plane of the future

The Dreamliner is made out of a mix of plastic and metal Photo: ITV Meridian

The passenger plane of the future will touch down at Heathrow next Sunday on its first official visit to Heathrow, the busiest international airport in the world, Meridian can reveal.The new eco-jet is touring key airports around the world the builder of the plane Boeing said.The 787 Dreamliner is dubbed "the plastic plane" because it is made out of a so-called composite - a mix of plastic and metal and is much lighter than existing jets.It burns around a third less fuel and makes less noise than current planes.For passengers it offers much bigger windows and space inside. Mood lighting and a new air filter system should help reduce jetlag.The plane was developed in wind tunnels by QinetiQ at Farnborough with companies in Fareham, Poole, Crawley and Southend all making parts.TUI is the UK launch customer with British Airways and Virgin Atlantic to follow. Thousands of Dreamliners are expected to be built in the coming years.The first regular flights out of the UK are expected to be from Gatwick early next year.