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Touchdown for the Dreamliner

Dreamliner at Heathrow Photo:

It was due to arrive at 0800 on Sunday - but technical problems meant it was delayed. It landed just after 11pm last night.

The plane, costing £100 million each, is no stranger to delays. It is more than two years late into service after production difficulties.

The 787 is dubbed "the plastic plane" because it is built out of a mix of plastic and metal.

Twenty five per cent of the Boeing jet is built in the UK and it was partly developed by QinetiQ at Farnborough. Over the next twenty years, around 3,500 will be built helping to secure thousands of jobs in the UK.

The plane burns twenty per cent less fuel and has around a third less emissions than others of its size. Inside, its windows are twice as big as other aircraft and a new air filter system and mood lighting should help reduce jet lag.

The plane is at Heathrow today and will be at Gatwick on Wednesday. Companies in Essex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset all make parts for it.