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School place is out of reach

Tom Calladine has missed out on his first choice school Photo: ITV

An 11 year old boy from Kent has missed out on his first choice of school after he was told he lives too far away - by 12 inches.

Tom Calladine was beaten to the last place at Fulston Manor School in Sittingbourne by a child who lives 0.0002 miles closer. But his mother Karen says the council measured the route incorrectly, and their home is actually nearer the school - and within the catchment area.

Fulston Manor School is described by Ofsted as outstanding. The over-subscribed school allocated school places to children in it's catchment area first, and then remaining spaces were given to those living nearest the catchment area.

Watch an extended interview with Tom and Karen Calladine:

Kent County Council has issued the following statement:

"KCC sympathises with the family. Fulston Manor is one of the most oversubscribed academies in the county because of its high standards, and allocation of spaces will often be determined by the distance from the child's home to the school. KCC manages the allocations on behalf of schools and uses a straight line measure as its default in deciding allocations by distance.

“Just four schools, out of 592 schools in Kent, use the walk-to-school distance measure. Fulston Manor is one of those schools, and the only school in Sittingbourne to do so. In this case it appears there may have been an issue with the specific map used to calculate the walk-to-school distance, and we are looking into this. We will make sure that the results of those enquiries will be made available to the parents and to the appeal panel before the appeal panel hears the case."