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River Thames victim named

Hussain Mohammed Photo: INS

A 15 year old boy who drowned after he apparently jumped into the River Thames as a way of cooling down has been named locally as Hussain Mohammed. Flowers and tributes laid at the Donnington Bridge in Oxford say RIP Hussain Mohammed, and friends have spoken of their shock at his tragic death.

Local people dived into the river to try and save Hussain say that the visibility in water and the poor light meant it was difficult to see him when he went under. More than 20 people formed a line across the river and repeatedly dived down to try and find him but to no avail.

Local people say that the bridge is a popular spot for youngsters to jump into the river. They are calling for more warnings to be put up to try and deter others from leaping into the water. Eye-witness Kayliegh Robbins said "I hope I never witness something like this again. It is the worst thing to tell his family I see there son drown and couldn't save him when they asked. It is. Such a tragedy for everyone who knew him."

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