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A Jubilee party in your road?

Map showing streets closed for Diamond Jubilee street parties Photo: ITV Meridian

Hundreds of streets will be closed across the Meridian region over the Jubilee weekend as communities get into the jubilee spirit.

To help our viewers find their local festivities we have listed a great selection of events below and also created a special Google Map which shows which roads will be closed.

If you're involved in Jubilee events - please send us your photographs this Bank Holiday weekend. You can email them to or put them on our facebook page.

Saturday 2nd June

There'll be a 21 gun salute in Windsor - taking place at the Long Walk. - Noon - near the Brook Street entrance to the Castle.

In Reading, What could be the biggest private street party. Four thousand people expected to join in. in Northumberland Avenue at 1 0'clock.

At Cobham, near Gravesend in Kent - the Bell ringers will be in full flow. Cobham Bell Ringers. 9.15.

At the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard there's a 1950's tea party. All our welcome, from 10 to 10.

Sunday 3rd June

In Herne Bay - there'll be a party on the Pier. Which is re-opening - after being closed since last summer. at two thirty.

In Sussex - sees the Eastbourne Jubilee Festival, at the Redoubt Fortress and Museum from 10am.

While uniting Berkshire and Oxfordshire - is probably the longest street party. Running 1km long, 400 trestle tables will join the villages of Streatley and Goring.

In Abingdon - they'll be throwing buns from the top of the town hall. A record breaking 6 thousand - in a tradition dating back to 1761 from 5pm .

And in Bournemouth there's a Jubilee party on the Beach. From 2 o'clock into the evening.

Also - hundreds of boats will be arriving in London to take part in the Jubillee flotilla. We're onboard one local boat - as she sails up the Thames.

Monday 4th June

Plenty more street parties - culminating in the Lighting of Two thousand and twelve Beacons across the land.

We'll be in the Thames Valley, the Isle of Wight and at the Brightest one - which is at the South Forland Lighthouse - on top of the White cliffs of Dover. They'll be lit from 10 o'clock.

Tuesday 5th June

The biggest Jubilee event outside of London - The arrival of the three Queens. A flotilla sailing up the Solent - led by Queen Elizabeth, QM2 and Queen Victoria. between 6 and 9 am

They'll be the Red Arrows - and Mayflower Park in Southampton will host a day of entertainment. Ending with a massive fireworks and light show. Fireworks start at 10 o'clock.

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