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No repairs for £3.2million reef

Surf reef deadline passes Photo: ITV Meridian

The deadline for repairs to be carried out on Bournemouth's artificial surf reef has come and gone without any work being undertaken. The New Zealand-based firm ASR, which built the £3.2m underwater structure for Bournemouth Borough Council, had been due to complete remedial works by the end of May.

Europe's first ever artificial reef off Boscombe beach had been closed to the public for safety reasons since March last year after part of it was damaged by a boat propeller. But prior to that the whole project had been dogged of controversy - finally opening in November 2009 after years of delay and extra costs. Soon after it opened an expert report carried out by Plymouth University deemed that the reef wasn't performing as it should.

Should the council now write the project off or continue to pursue ways to get the reef repaired and working properly? Opinions in Bournemouth are divided.