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Dorchester fighter could miss Olympics

Aaron Cook in action: his lawyers have confirmed he's seeking legal advice following the Olympic selection process Photo: PA

A non-executive director for Great Britain Taekwondo's selectors has defended the organisation after a growing row over world number one Aaron Cook.

Cook, from Dorchester, is threatening legal action after being overlooked for Olympic selection for the third time by the panel.

The decision has prompted reviews by the World Taekwondo Federation and the British Olympic Association.

But Dr Steve Peters says selectors made an honest appraisal when they nominated Lutalo Muhammad in the under 80kg division ahead of Cook.

Dr Peter said: "It is a bit unfair on the coaches that their integrity has been called into question. They are honest people trying to give an honest opinion and if we can't trust them it is becoming a little bit sad."

He added: "The opinion of people in the room was that they were both capable of going to the Olympics and getting a gold medal.

"The coaches were in an incredibly impossible position faced with two exceptional lads, neither who deserved to be in this position. It is not a 60/40 decision in favour of one, it is more like 51/49."

But while Cook awaits the BOA decision his solicitors are exploring their options.

"I can confirm that we are advising Aaron on the possible legal avenues which may be open to him," said Bob Mitchell, a partner at London law firm Harbottle & Lewis.

"Aaron would prefer not to take legal action but will do so if necessary as he feels very strongly about how the selection process has been conducted and also that he has the greatest chance of being successful at the Games."