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Trapped hedgehog rescued

Trevor Weeks brings out the trapped hedgehog safely. Photo: East Sussex WRAS

It was stuck in the dark for no one knows how long, with no food and no water, but all was to end happily for a hedgehog trapped in a basement area outside a shop in Sussex.

The prickly customer was rescued by East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) after it got stuck outside 'Munchilicious' on Alfriston High Street.

With a group of tourists watching from the village square, rescuer Trevor Weeks had to squeeze his head and arms through a narrow gap on the pavement to reach the trapped hedgehog.

He said: “It was not easy to get to and he was so far back that I really had to get my head in and reach into the basement area to reach the poor little creature."

The hedgehog was brought out uninjured but is being looked after by WRAS staff after it was found to be underweight, dehydrated and with an eye infection.

Mr Weeks said: “Hedgehogs have been having a bit of a rough ride recently. The really dry weather caused many to come into care dehydrated and starving after having difficulty finding food, and now the sudden wet and cold weather is causing those already debilitated to have even more problems.”

WRAS is asking anyone who sees a hedgehog out during the day time to call their local rescue centre for advice.

Mr Weeks added: “Hedgehogs should never be out during the daytime and many that we are currently seeing are really seriously ill and need help urgently."

Watch footage of the rescue here.