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Christian GP - 'judgement made in advance'

Dr Richard Scott outside the General Medical Council hearing this week Photo: PA

A Christian GP from Kent who told a patient "the Devil haunts people who do not turn to Jesus" has been given a warning about his behaviour by medical watchdogs.

Dr Richard Scott, 51, a former missionary doctor, "crossed the line" during the consultation because of his deep religious convictions and pushed his faith on the "psychologically disturbed" patient which left him distressed, the General Medical Council (GMC) ruled.

But the GP branded the four-day hearing a "charade" and questioned why the GMC had pursued the case when his accuser had initially refused to give evidence and then only did so over the telephone with the public and press banned from the hearing room.

The father-of-three, from Margate, Kent, said: "I think the judgment had been made in advance, whatever happened. The GMC was determined that I was to get a warning. This has effectively been a four-day charade.

"The panel has chosen to believe a patient with massive and multiple problems against a doctor of 28 years' standing, embedded in his local community with hundreds of testimonials from other patients of his.

"Whether it was reiki, acupuncture or even Islam, that particular doctor would not be in our position now. I think they are discriminating against Christians.

"I am both angry and disappointed in my professional body."

It was revealed today that the doctor, himself, has cancer. Our reporter John Ryall speaks to Dr Richard Scott, two of his patients, and Trevor Willmot, Bishop of Dover:

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