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Retail queen could withdraw help

Mary Portas has said she wants to make a "warts and all" documentary about trading in Margate. Photo: PA

Anger is growing in Margate over comments made by the retail guru Mary Portas at a meeting to discuss the seaside town's rejuvenation.

Margate's been picked as one of 12 towns to take place in a Portas Pilot scheme, which means they'll get £100,000 of government money and advice from retail experts to revitalise the high street.

In the first visit to the town Ms Portas explained that she was making a "warts and all" television documentary for Channel 4.

She said it wasn't her intention to 'trip people up' and the idea was to follow the journey. But she ended her speech by spelling out the situation by declaring "You either let the cameras in with me, or I go back on the train and some other town gets it and I would be very upset about that.”

Margate is one of four towns in the country to be selected for television coverage, however the £100,000 grant cannot be withheld. The money comes from central government, so the town would still get the cash.

But some residents are concerned that Margate won't be portrayed in a good light.