Washout causes festival travel chaos

Cars stranded at the Isle of Wight Festival Photo:

Hundreds of music fans heading to the Isle of Wight Festival were stranded in their cars overnight as heavy rain turned car parks muddy and inaccessible.

The bad weather had caused problems from early on Wednesday afternoon, and the situation just got worse as the night drew on.

The trouble has been compounded this morning as the organisers advised people heading to the Festival today to leave their cars on the mainland, and travel over as foot passengers on the ferries instead.


We are currently experiencing delays getting you on to the site.We are working to speed things up. Thanks for your patience


We are really sorry for the delays getting into the campsite. Our fields have become wetter and wetter (cont) http://t.co/1QniWpQ2


If you are on the mainland we are advising people not to travel by car. There is a ferry service for foot (cont) http://t.co/pWsK4xWG

The organisers took to social media to express their frustration with the weather and to apologise to festival goers for the problems they were experiencing. Extra car parks are being opened to help cope with the situation.

Isle of Wight Facebook screengrab
Isle of Wight Festival organisers apologise for chaos using social media