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Magna Carta goes on display

Magna Carta on display Photo: ITV Meridian

One of the most valuable pieces of paper owned by any council in Britain has gone on display in Kent.Faversham Council's copy of the Magna Carta is valued at more than fifteen million pounds. For security reasons it usually it has to be locked away, but residents were given the chance to view it as part of this year's Faversham Festival. Graham Gilbert, Director of the Faversham Festival told Meridian what it means to have the document displayed.

The Magna Carta was signed in 1215 between the King John and his medieval barons. The document placed limits on the absolute power of the King and established some of the key principles of our modern democracy such as;

  • That no free man should be imprisoned unless he faces trial by his peers

  • That justice could not be sold, delayed or denied to any free citizen.

Sue Brockman from Faversham Town Council told Meridian of her surprise at the interest in the document.

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