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Hero girl saves mum from burns

Ella Rake and mum Vicky Patmore Photo: ITV Meridian

Because of back problems, Vicky Patmore can't stand for long periods so microwave meals are a godsend. But she's now wary of them after a pack of ravioli exploded in her face:

"I put the meal in, microwaved it for two minutes less of the time, put it on the side, waited for ten minutes while I was dealing with my young baby and then I picked the lid up and it exploded al over me. I've never ever known pain like it, really did not know, I went into a state of shock really because of the pain."

Lucky then that daughter Ella has been learning first aid at an after-school club; she knew what her mum needed to do:

"Stand under the shower and put cold water onto the burn then I told her when she got out to put cling-film so the air wouldn't get to it then I helped my granddad ring the ambulance."

It was at school that Ella learned her skills. Says Vicky:

"I'd just like to commend my daughter's school, Chartfields School, for doing first aid and really I think most schools should do it as part of the curriculum really because I wouldn't have known what to do, Ella was so good she knew exactly what to do."

And Ella adds:

"We learn like how to do chest compressions on people and when like to do them. We've just gone over burns and house stuff and poisons and asthma."

And it's not the first time the Brownie-badged first aider's been a hero - when she was just five years old, she also sprang into action:

"My mum fell down the stairs and she had a heart attack so I called the ambulance."

But Ella has no plans to go into the medical profession - "I don't like dealing with sick!" she laughs.

Doctors say Vicky's wounds will heal completely - all thanks to her daughter's quick thinking.

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