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Tower named "The Elizabeth Tower"

"The Elizabeth Tower" which houses the famous Big Ben Photo: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

If truth be told, very few MPs leave a lasting personal legacy. Most work very hard, and some do achieve important changes to the law, but many depart Parliament without really leaving a lasting mark.

So step forward Tobias Ellwood, Conservative MP for Bournemouth East, who has changed the map of London. In future, when you see the Elizabeth Tower marked, it will be thanks to Mr Ellwood. He had the idea of renaming the clock tower in which Big Ben is housed (Big Ben is the bell) in honour of the Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee.

A fitting tribute as the huge tower at the House of Lords end of Parliament is already named the Victoria Tower - after the only other monarch to reign so long. As soon as he suggested it MPs - and crucially the party leaders - from all sides of the Commons agreed.

It's the sign of a good idea that when someone mentions it, it seems so obvious. And so obviously a good idea. So the Elizabeth Tower it is (although we'll probably all keep on calling it Big Ben!). And Mr Ellwood has made his own little contribution to history.