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Olympic Torch in our region

The Olympic Torch crosses Buckinghamshire to Oxford today Photo: ITV Meridian

The Olympic Torch facts for Monday 9th July - we will run updates throughout the day online and on Meridian Tonight on ITV1 at 6pm, capturing the best moments from what will be an unforgettable day for the torch bearers, for the towns and villages it is carried through and all who turn out to cheer it along the route.

  • 133 torchbearers will carry the flame on Monday
  • It will travel 122.32 miles
  • It will travel through 15 communities
  • Evening celebrations will take place in South Park, Oxford

Aylesbury 11.17

The torch should arrive in our region down the A413 Buckingham Road from Whitchurch in Buckinghamshire. It will then turn left down Oxford Road (A418) and then onto Buckingham Street. It will then turn right into Market Square before going down Walton Street and Walton Road. The flame will then pass the Grange School bus lane before arriving in Wendover Road.

*Stoke Mandeville 11.56 *

After arriving on Wendover Road (A413), the Olympic torch will then head onto Station Road (A410) before turning right into Lower Road (B4443). It will then head into Stoke Mandeville Stadium where more than 1,500 school children will be welcoming its arrival.

Aylesbury 12.31

The torch will then continue its tour of Aylesbury, heading down Mandeville Road (B4443) and then onto Churchill Avenue. Ellen Road will be its next stop before its last stop in the town at Mandeville School Lane.

Waddesdon 14.19

The next port of call will be Waddesdon High Street from Warmstone Lane. It will then call down Queen Street before leaving the village.

Bicester 14.44

The flame will arrive in Oxfordshire for the first time in Bicester via London Road (B4100) from Talisman Road. After stopping in Market Square, the flame will then go through Sheep Street, St John's Street and Queen's Avenue. The last stretch of the journey through Bicester will go through King's End and Middleton Stoney Road.

Kirtlington 15.13

There will be a short tour of Kirtlington down Heyford Road (A4095) from Akeman Close, before heading down to Bletchingdon Road.

Woodstock 15.31

The convoy will arrive in Woodstock next from Churchill Gate down Oxford Road (A44). The flame will pass through High Street and Park Street before making its approach to Blenheim Palace, where Winston Churchill was born.

Kidlington 16.38

It's onto Kidlington next, down Banbury Road (A4260) from The Moors. Then its straight onto Oxford Road and Fairfax Road on its way to Oxford.

Oxford 17.15

Onto the torch's final destination for Day 52 - Oxford. It will arrive in the city at Horspath Road from Pony Road. It will pass the BMW Mini plant site before heading down Watlington Road (B480). Then its Cuddeston Way, Blackbird Leys Road and Barn's Road. The flame will then turn right into Towns Road and then onto Oxford Road before the long stretch down Cowley Road. It will then turn right into St Clement's Street and onto Morrell Avenue. Then it's Warneford Lane before it finally arrives in South Park for a big evening celebration.

The Torch Bearers

Click on the names below to find out more about who will carry the Olympic Flame

Carrying the torch through Aylesbury will be:

Ana De La Reguera Gardoqui

Dawn Oliver

Jessica Gibb

Gemma Collis

Ian Estick

Mal Lennon

Marc Pulley

Marisa Grimes

Mike Blowing

Neil Heslop

Nicholas Molnar

Paty Ruiz

Peyton Medick

Rebekah Wagnell

Richard Bazeley

Sheila Kemble

Silvia Sanchez Alcantara

Carrying the torch in the Stoke Mandeville Stadium will be:

Barney Smith

Bob Winter

Keith Jansz

Stephen Brand

Tegan Young-Blackman

Alex Lora Serna

Gerardo Torrado

*Carrying the torch through Waddesdon will be: *

Lucy Watson

Tina Read

Carrying the torch through Bicester will be:

Amie Ing

Carly Castle

Simon Cruden

Tom Rollason

William Zoghbi

Carrying the torch through Kirtlington will be:

Debra Toney

Gerry Darley

Carrying the torch through Woodstock will be:

Clive Stone

Graham Warland

Pat Pearce

Roland Read

Carrying the torch through Kidlington will be:

Issy Jackson

James Harrison

Jim Bryant

Julia Hayes

Pat Kerr

Robin Gardner

Verity Westgate

Carrying the torch through Oxford will be:

Alan Chen

Paul Griffiths

Alan Seabrook

Annie Andrews

Christine Carter

Emma Cuthbertson

Fiona Danks

Harrison Anton

Ian Fowler

Jodie Evans

Malcolm Fretter

Margaret Stevens

Maureen O'Neill

Mike Spicer

Naomi Folkard

Nigel Roberts

Paul Kelsey

Richard Cooper

Richard Tyack

Timothy Betts

Vallin Miller

Brian Staite

Chris Bream

Gareth Robinson

James Grote

Nicola Byrom

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