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World record smashed by Lego tower

A Lego master builder adds the finishing touches to the tower Photo: Legoland

A world record was today reclaimed for Britain as the final elements were placed at the top of a 32m high Lego tower at the Legoland Windsor Resort. Hundreds of people lent a hand to put together the structure which was topped off with nine Team GB LEGO Minifigures put in place by a Lego Master Builder.

The resort's divisional director, Sue Kemp, said: “We are delighted to reclaim the record for Britain. We last held it in 2008 when it was a mere 29.26 metres tall. We’re very grateful to the hundreds of people who helped create the tower, which is made from over 500,000 bricks. It took four days to build and is certainly an impressive feat.”

The record was inaugurated in London in 1988 with a tower that stood just over 15 metres and there have been 53 bigger towers across the world from South Korea to Sydney since then. The previous record of 31.9m was set in Seoul earlier this year.

The public were invited to help create the structure by building small sections on the ground which were then connected together into larger panels by Master Lego Builders and then hoisted into place by crane. The tower comprises over 160 sections using more than half a million Lego bricks.

Standing proud on a platform at the very top of the tower are tiny 3cm tall Lego figures of a Boxer, a Stealth Swimmer, Relay Runner, Judo Fighter, Tennis Player, Weightlifter, Horse rider, Archer and Gymnast.

Taking the structure down will be a much quicker job. The tower will be carefully dismantled in just one day and all the pieces will be carefully packed up - ready for the next record attempt.

Below, Zoe Cartell from the Legoland Windsor Resort explains why they did it.