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Comedian Coogan cleared

Comedian Steve Coogan Photo: PA

Comedian Steve Coogan has been found not guilty of a driving offence after it

emerged a friend was behind the wheel of his car when it was caught speeding in

East Sussex.

The 46-year-old comic told a court it had "slipped my mind" that his friend

was driving the Range Rover when it was flashed doing 39mph in a 30mph zone.

Brighton Magistrates' Court heard he was busy with TV and film work at the time

as well as involved in suing News International and preparing for the Leveson


The Range Rover was caught speeding on the A259 at Kingsway in Hove just before

11.30am on October 12 last year.

Coogan, famed for his alter ego Alan Partridge, told magistrates that he loaned

vehicles out to friends, family and colleagues on a pool basis, and could not

remember who he had loaned the Range Rover to until months later.

The comedian, dressed in a blue suit and tie, said that at the time of the

speeding offence he was on the telephone to the Guardian newspaper dictating an

article and had later made stringent efforts to find out who was the driver.

Prosecutors dropped the speeding charge against him and magistrates cleared him

of failing to notify police about who was driving after saying the case against

him had not been proved beyond reasonable doubt.