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Crash landing for instructor

Emergency services were called to the field yesterday Photo: Eddie Mitchell

A Shoreham flying instructor had to make an emergency landing after the light aircraft she was in lost engine power. Sophie Davies from Worthing was taking her student pilot, 28-year-old Zain Philbey through landing practice and they had just climbed to 200 feet on their third circuit from Shoreham Airport when they lost power.

Said Sophie Davies: “My training just kicked straight in – I took over the controls, quickly picked a field and glided the aircraft down to a safe landing near the airport.

“We were moving fast with such a short distance to glide to safety, but I’m glad to say that Zain and I are safe and no one got hurt.”

The aircraft had recently been fitted with a brand new engine, installed only last month.

Zain Philbey and Sophie Davies