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Day One of the Olympic commute

Reading commuters arriving in Paddington this morning Photo: Mike Pearse

The regions busiest station was coping - just - with thousands of extra passenger going to the Olympics, reports our Transport Correspondent Mike Pearse.At Reading so many people were on the platform at 0715 they couldn't all get on the train they wanted."Don't worry we've got two more waiting just outside the station" the tanoy blasted.On the 0727 to Paddington which I was determined to squeeze on it was standing room only but there was a good atmosphere and fellow passenger talked about the events they were off to see.Passengers arrived expecting to queue but staff and train company First Great Western were coping.It was also clear many regular commuters were not travelling,This is going to be a very busy day but most people said they had taken note of the advice to travel early.Many extra staff are on duty and the day has got off to a good start.For those on my packed train it has been a pretty good trip. With so many people we left a couple of minutes late but we arrived in Paddinging at 0855 bang on time.The deparring work from the guard "it is going to be busy but have a great day and enjoy the sun."

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