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Tributes to hit-and-run boy

Kyle Coen Photo: Kent Police

The girlfriend of a 14-year-old hit-and-run victim killed in Kent as he cycled to meet her said he was the best boyfriend she could wish for.

Tearful Donna Clarke, 14, said she believes she saw the car that went on to kill Kyle Coen on the A2 London Road, near Sittingbourne, last night.

The teenager, who laid flowers at the scene of the crash near to Bapchild Cricket Club with relatives including her mother, said: "Kyle was going to meet us at 9pm. We waited outside until about 9.30pm and we heard police cars rushing up.

"The next minute the police came up by my mate's house and we heard that there had been an accident and that a bicycle was involved.

"I then heard that Kyle was involved. I tried to rush up and the police stopped me. We heard it was really bad. We were worrying and then we heard that he had died.

"Kyle was really lovely. He was the best boyfriend you could have. I don't want anyone to forget about him. He was always caring. Hopefully he will look down on us."

14-year-old Donna Clarke, Kyle Coen's girlfriend. Credit: Tom Pugh/PA Wire

The best friend of Kyle also spoke of his grief today as police questioned two people.

Kyle Coen was riding along the A2 London Road near Sittingbourne, Kent, when he was struck by a grey Fiat Bravo at about 9.15pm yesterday.

He suffered serious injuries in the incident, near Bapchild Cricket Club, and was treated by paramedics but pronounced dead at the scene, Kent Police said.

Outside the cricket club, his best friend, Alex Stock, also 14, laid flowers with his mother Linda, and said: "I'm really upset. I can't believe it.

"We had plans to go out today but obviously it can't happen now. I've just been crying since it happened."

14-year-old Alex Stock after his best friend Kyle Coen was killed in hit-and-run crash. Credit: Tom Pugh/PA Wire

His mother said Alex and Kyle were "inseparable" and had spent yesterday together before parting.

Mrs Stock said it was only by "sheer luck" that her son was not with Kyle when he died.

Police said a 27-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man are helping them with their inquiries.

Mrs Stock said Kyle - who attended Sittingbourne Community College - was cycling to his girlfriend's house when he was struck.

Flowers are left close to the scene on the A2 London Road near Sittingbourne. Credit: Tom Pugh/PA Wire

Speaking at the scene, she said: "Alex and Kyle were inseparable. Alex was with Kyle all day yesterday.

"He was at our house, and he went to Alex's grandfather's and did the pond with him.

"They had so many plans together. I was going out last night so Alex came home early, otherwise they would have still been together.

"Kyle left Alex and was going to see his girlfriend. On his way to the girlfriend, this happened. I really don't understand it.

"I know this isn't the first accident on this road. It goes from 30mph to 60mph and back to 30mph very quickly.

"Kyle was a good lad, never in trouble. It just isn't fair and I feel so sorry for his family and friends.

"They are such a close-knit group and it has devastated them. They are young and they think that things like this isn't going to happen."

Linda, the mother of 14-year-old Alex Stock, after his best friend Kyle Coen was killed in hit-and-run crash Credit: Tom Pugh/PA Wire

She said she been up all night with her son, consoling him over his best friend's death.

"He's inconsolable," she said. "There is just no sense to it. I can't take it in, and I'm so sorry for his family.

"I spoke to Kyle's mum last night. What can you say to them? My heart goes out to them. There are no words to describe how they must be feeling."

Mrs Stock said Kyle was keen on BMX-ing and his girlfriend was best friends with Alex's girlfriend. She added: "The four of them were inseparable."

A Kent Police spokesman said: "A 27-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man are helping police with their inquiries after a fatal hit-and-run collision near Sittingbourne at about 9.15pm on Monday July 30."