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Villages to do battle in 60th tug 'o' war

Tug 'o' war Ickford vs Tiddington Photo: Google images

The 60th annual 'across the river tug 'o' war' contest between the Bucks village of Ickford and the Oxfordshire village of Tiddington is on the horizon.

The villages will do battle in a bid to win the Coronation Cup on Friday August 3.

The score to date is Ickford 32, Tiddington 27. As this is the 60th anniversary there will be extra celebrations to mark the special occasion.

The tug 'o' war has a perfect uninterrupted 60-year history that both villages of Ickford and Tiddington are proud of. A spokesman said:

"The contest continues to create widespread interest and rivalry between the two counties, with considerable crowds gathering on their respective banks of the River Thame, which form the county boundary."

The evening gets under way with the youth team pull at 7pm, shortly followed by the ladies team pull and then a veterans pull and concluding with the senior men's pull.