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Ship returns without Timmy

Leading Seaman Timothy MacColl Photo: Bring Timmy home facebook page

The Portsmouth based warship HMS Westminster returned home today nearly three months since one of her crew, Leading Seaman Timothy MacColl, went missing.

Timmy, from Gosport, disappeared while on shore leave in Dubai. He was last seen getting into a taxi after a night out on Saturday 26th July.

His family are still desperately trying to raise awareness and find him.

Jacqui Brien, the mother-in-law of missing sailor Timothy MacColl, and his uncle Neil Cunningham, were among those waiting at the Round Tower to welcome HMS Westminster in to Porstmouth. They spoke to Meridian about how they've coped since he went missing more than 70 days ago.

The MacColl family are still waiting for news Credit: ITV Meridian

The family of missing sailor Timothy MacColl gathered at the Round Tower in Portsmouth this morning, marking the return of his ship HMS Westminster.

Watch our report form Portsmouth today as the family of missing sailor Timothy MacColl gathered to watch his ship return home without him.