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Bike ban u-turn for Paralympics

Cyclists during the Olympics Photo: ITV Meridian

Southern Rail has said it WILL allow cyclists to bring their bikes on trains during the Paralympic Games, which start later this month. Cycling groups reacted with fury when the company banned them from taking their bikes onto the railways during the Olympics - when only folding bikes were allowed. We ran this report at the time:

Following a review of services during the 2012 Olympics, Southern’s Head of Customer Experience, Emma Toms said: “We took a close look at the

number of people travelling on our services during the London 2012 Olympic Games and found that although there were some very busy services at certain times, overall we’ll be able to accommodate non-folding cycles during the Paralympic Games outside of our normal peakrestrictions.” Southern runs services between central London and the south coast, through east and west Sussex and Surrey and parts of Kent and Hampshire.

During the Paralympics, non-folding cycles will be permitted on any Southern service except ontrains travelling towards either London or Brighton which are due to arrive between 07:00 and10:00 and trains leaving either London or Brighton between 16:00 and 19:00.

Southern provides services in south London and between central London and the south coast,through east and west Sussex and Surrey and parts of Kent and Hampshire.