Inquest into 'bullied' sailor's death continues

Samuel "Ricky" Hatton
Inquest underway into Samuel "Ricky" Hatton's death underway Photo: MoD/Crown Copyright/PA Wire

An inquest continues today into the death of a sailor on board the Royal Navy warship HMS Cattistock while it was berthed at Portsmouth on September 12 2010.

On Tuesday the inquest heard that Engineering Technician (ET) Samuel "Ricky" Hatton shot himself in the head, after suffering bullying banter from superior officers about the loss of a friend who had committed suicide on a different naval ship.

The hearing was told that in the days leading up to his death to his death, ET Hatton, who lived in Southampton, had received comments from senior colleagues asking: "Not shot yourself yet?"

The inquest heard that there was only a handful of crew on board the ship at the time of ET Hatton's death and that he had not been on shift that day, but had volunteered to to carry out cleaning to help get the ship ready for upcoming sea trials.

A post-mortem examination showed that ET Hatton had died of a single gunshot wound to the head and that there were no signs of anyone else being involved.