1. ITV Report

New plan for airport expansion

These are the key developments over the weekend.

It is reported the Government may delay consultation over the various schemes and appoint an independent non-political body to assess the best options. This is seen as a tactic to delay having to make a final decision before the next election.

The options are more runways at Heathrow and Gatwick or a new airport in the Thames estuary in north Kent.

In an interview Chancellor George Osborne failed to rule out a third Heathrow runway saying all options were on the table.

The Lib-Dems will vote at the annual conference on a motion to rule out expansion at both Gatwick and Heathrow and the controversial plan for a new airport in the Thames estuary.

But most controversial of all is a new plan for a four runway airport to the west of Heathrow. Plans are due in the next few weeks but it could mean a major development between Maidenhead and Reading or Bracknell. An alternative could be in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire between Aylesbury and Banbury.

The cost would be £60bn.

In another development new figures reveal half of all flights into Heathrow circle in the sky - in some cases for 40 minutes - before they land because the airport is so congested.

It is clear MP's are split over where to build new runways and a growing number back Heathrow. While official policy is against the plan many believe there will be a change of policy. It is an issue that will not go away.

As for the new plan it does seem pie-in-the-sky but could be an alternative to the Thames Estuary. However, it will cause massive anger. Councils like Maidenhead and Windsor lead the campaign against Heathrow expansion. The thought of an entire airport in or near the borough will cause fury. The Government will be under pressure like never before to clarify its position.