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New airport to 'compliment Heathrow'?

New airport to 'compliment Heathrow'? Photo: PA

Meridian can reveal an independent commission set up by the Government to look at where new runways in the region should be located will consider a new airport in the Thames Valley.

The Government has asked former CBI chief Sir Howard Davies to look at the options and report in 2015.

He says he will consider "all options and not just expanding Heathrow or a new airport in the Thames estuary."

A business consortium is preparing to announce plans for a new airport to compliment Heathrow in Berkshire or along the route of HS2 in Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire. It is said to have up to £60bn backing from China.

It also means expansion at Gatwick will be looked at again.

Meanwhile a Sunday Times poll reveals a slim majority of people back a new airport in the Thames estuary but many remain undecided.

According to the YouGov survey 37% back the estuary plan, 26% back a third Heathrow runway with around a third unsure.