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Grey clouds over Lib Dems

Nick Glegg "in bullish mood" at conference Photo: PA

The Lib Dems arrived in Brighton on Saturday in glorious sunshine. Day two of their conference, and the heavens opened. They spent all of Sunday scurrying for cover.

This is a party not sure whether to celebrate being in power, and laud the achievements they've had, or to worry about low opinion poll ratings, broken pledges and apologies.

Nick Clegg is in bullish mood, even refusing to say sorry for saying sorry. He wants people to concentrate on policies like taking the lowest paid out of tax which he says is proof of the impact his party has had in power.

Others are more sceptical. Former Romsey MP Sandra Gidley says the famous Clegg apology should have been about the tuition fees increase, not about making the promise in the first place. And she was reluctant to say Mr Clegg should lead the party into the next election.

Most party leaders aim their big conference speeches at the electorate watching at home on TV. But on Wednesday, Mr Clegg will be just as keen to address his own party members.

He will be urging them to stay loyal, whatever the latest opinion polls might say.

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