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Helicopter changes - Thames Valley Police Federation statement

The Thames Valley Police helicopter Photo: PA

Thames Valley Police Federation supports any collaboration that reduces costs, but maintains the levels of service to the public and members of the Police Service.

Thames Valley Police Federation fully understands and supports the rationale for the creation of a National Police Air Support Unit. In these times of austerity and reducing Police budgets the case forcollaboration and amalgamation of departments and units is clear.

On 'big ticket' items such as helicopters and fixed winged planes there are clear advantages to National procurement and maintenance contracts, combining these with the rationalisation of command andcontrol structures will save huge amounts on budgets and undoubtedly will increase efficiency.

Our concern in relation to the National Police Air Support Unit which has been raised by our officers across the region is one of availability. With the reduced number of aircraft in our region, regardless of borderless areas, the further the aircraft has to fly the less effective it can be and the less time it can remain at the site of an incident.

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