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Video highlights crossing danger

The campaign highlights the need for caution at pedestrian crossing Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The advert depicts a family taking a slow and easy cycle through the countryside, playing a game of “I spy” which distracts them as they approach the footpath crossing. The daughter is standing on the crossing as she realises the answer to the game is “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with t", is track; she then hears the approaching train sound its horn and realises she is in its path.

Network Rail hopes the powerful message “See track, think train” will raise awareness that despite the quiet, rural setting, that paying attention to warning signs can save your life. While fatalities at level crossings are at a low, there have been more pedestrians than motorists killed at crossings in recent years.

The company is currently being taken to court by the husband of Julia Canning, 55, who was killed at Fairfield footpath and bridle way crossing, near Little Bedwyn, Wiltshire, in 2009.

The mother-of-three from Little Bedwyn was struck by the First Great Western 17:11 service travelling on the main London to Bristol line while walking her two dogs.

One of the dogs was also killed in the incident on May 6 2009. Network Rail has already been fined £300,000 for health and safety breaches and her family are now seeking £600,000 compensation.

The company have now made changes to the crossing and insist it is safe. The new video is shown below: