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Guilty of human trafficking

Osezua Osolase has been found guilty of human trafficking Photo: Kent Police

A Kent man has been found guilty of seven charges relating to the human trafficking of three young Nigerian girls.

42 year old Osezua Osolasewas convicted by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court, following a six week trial. The three girls were all trafficked out of the country and into Europe for prostitution.

The court heard that all three victims were subjected to juju rituals, a traditional belief used in West Africa that objects and creatures can have power invested in them, meaning they can then be used for harm or to help people.

Juju was used to ensure that the girls would do what they were told, would not run away and would never reveal what really happened to them, for fear of death or serious harm.

At the time of his arrest, Osolase was living at an address in Northfleet. The trial heard that the three girls, who all gave evidence, were not the only ones who appear to have been trafficked out of Europe.

Information provided by airlines showed that Osolase travelled to and from Europe on a regular basis.

Osolase was found guilty of one charge of rape, two charges of trafficking the girls into the UK for sexual exploitation and three similar charges of trafficking them out of the UK for the same reason and one charge of sexual activity with a child.

“This case brings into sharp focus the impact that human trafficking has on the lives of victims. These young girls were essentially used as commodities in what can only be described as a form of modern day slavery. Their vulnerability and the heartless abuse they suffered at every turn is only matched by the repulsiveness and cowardice of the perpetrator. One can only begin to imagine the desperate misery they suffered.

– Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS South East, Roger Coe-Salazar

“Human trafficking can be a difficult crime to prosecute, not least because of the reluctance of victims to come forward. That is entirely understandable, as it takes great courage. All too often, victims fear retribution against themselves or their families, while their self confidence and self esteem has been deliberately destroyed by the abuse inflicted on them. In this case, the girls were also subject to the very real threat to them of death or serious harm through the juju rituals they experienced. It is to their credit that, despite this, all three had the courage to give evidence to the court and, in doing so, have helped to secure this conviction. I hope today’s verdict will encourage other victims to come forward in the future.”

– Chief Crown Prosecutor for the CPS South East, Roger Coe-Salazar

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