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'Evil' trafficker jailed for 20 years - police statement

Osezua Osolase used African witchcraft rituals to silence young girls smuggled into Britain to be sold on as prostitutes. Photo: Kent Police/PA Wire

A Kent man has been sentenced to 20 years behind bars after being found trafficking teenage girls for prostitution.

42 year old Osezua Osolase, previously of Beaumont Drive, Northfleet, was sentenced today after being found guilty of human trafficking and rape offences at Canterbury Crown Court on Friday afternoon.

Osolase had promised the girls modelling careers, education and a better life, but a far more disturbing reality awaited them after being trafficked into the UK.

The teenagers, some as young as 14 were made to endure terrifying "JuJu witchcraft" rituals to secure their silence and obedience before Osolase attempted to force them into a life of prostitution.

To onlookers he appeared to be a businessman travelling across the globe but the disturbing reality was that Osezua Osolase was trafficking young girls and attempting to send them to work as prostitutes across Europe.

After being stopped by the authorities at Stansted airport in April 2011, Osolase was arrested. Following initial enquiries by The UK Border Agency, detectives from the Kent and Essex Police Serious Crime Directorate launched an investigation.

This identified Osolase as a prime suspect in multiple human trafficking offences where young girls had been flown from Nigeria into the UK before being sent to various locations across Europe.

The victims identified by the officers were all able to describe similar, chilling events whilst in the care of Osolase. In one instance a girl, who was just 16, described the JuJu ceremony performed on her whilst in Nigeria.

During the ritual, samples of blood were extracted from the girl, her hair was also cut. She was then made to swear an oath of silence.

After this she was sent to the UK where she was held by Osolase. He later attempted to send her to Italy, however the girl was refused entry into the country and returned to the UK.

Osezua Osolase used African witchcraft rituals to silence young girls smuggled into Britain to be sold on as prostitutes. Credit: Kent Police/PA Wire

Osolase was found guilty of one charge of rape, two charges of trafficking girls into the UK for sexual exploitation and three similar charges of trafficking them out of the UK for the same reason.

He was found guilty of sexual activity with a child. He was found not guilty on three counts of rape, one count of trafficking a girl into the UK and one count of assault.

Speaking after sentencing Det Insp Eddie Fox said: "Osolase is an evil, dishonest and manipulative man who bent the will of his victims and subjected them to a horrendous ordeal.

"The length of the sentence reflects the terrible nature of his crimes and I feel that justice has been served. The investigation was both challenging and complex and we are grateful to our partner agencies and the CPS for their efforts in bringing Osolase to justice.

"Most importantly this trial gave the girls the opportunity to tell their story and let their voices be heard. They have spoken on behalf of the other women and girls who have not been located.

"All three of Osolase’s victims showed great bravery in coming forward; their courage has prevented other girls from having to suffer a life of misery."

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