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Which celebrity will 'burn' on bonfire night?

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society has revealed which celebrity will grace the top of their biggest bonfire on Guy Fawkes night.

The effigy stands around 30 feet high and is packed full of fireworks to ensure he/she goes up with a bang.

The burning of the celebrity forms the end of an evening of events which attracts thousands of people to the small Kentish town.


  • Very well known
  • An international celebrity
  • Adored by many
  • Notorious for putting (his/her) foot in it rather too often
Cherie Blair 2007 Credit: ITV Meridian
Jonathan Ross 2008 Credit: ITV Meridian
Katie Price 2009 Credit: ITV Meridian
Wayne Rooney effigy 2010
Mario Balotelli 2011 Credit: ITV Meridian

This year's effigy was chosen after he was stripped of all of his Tour de France titles following an extensive investigation into drug taking.

Lance Armstrong 2012 Credit: ITV Meridian