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Ready for the end of the world?

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service is one of a number of institutions that has said it is prepared for potentially apocalyptic events on 21st December.

A number of British authorities have moved to quell fears that the end of the world could fall on 21st December, following internet speculation sparked by the end of the Ancient Mayan calendar on that date.

Dorset Fire and Rescue Service said it was prepared for any event that may happen that day and various institutions have issued light-hearted responses to a hypothetical crisis.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: "Fit a smoke alarm on each level of your home, then at least you might stand a chance of knowing that the end of the world is nigh ahead of those who don't. If you survive the apocalypse you'll be alerted to a fire more quickly should one ever break out."

The AA advised: "Before heading off, take time to do the basic checks on your car and allow extra time for your journey. Local radio is a good source of traffic and weather updates and for any warnings of an impending apocalypse. Should the announcer break such solemn news, try to remain focused on the road ahead and keep your hands on the wheel."

Luckily for animals, they do not have the same fears of the future - or its imminent destruction - as us humans, so it is unlikely that our pets will be worrying about the end of the world. However, should the Mayans prove to be right, our message would be to spend whatever time you have left with your animals wisely.

Take them for a long walk or give them a cuddle. Enjoy every second you have with them as if it was your last!"

– Apocalyptic advice from the RSPCA

It follows an official US government blog this week saying it was "just rumours" and insisting that "the world will not end on December 21, 2012, or any day in 2012".

The deadpan advice comes with just under two weeks to go until the date of the apocalypse, according to some interpretations of the Ancient Mayan calendar.