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MP plans to donate his body to medical science

Sir Tony Baldry plans to donate his body to medical research when he dies Photo: Sir Tony Baldry website

An MP has revealed that when he dies he intends to donate his body to medical research.

Sir Tony Baldry, who represents North Oxfordshire, made his comment in a in a debate on accident and emergency services.

During the debate, Sir Tony spoke about his support for the Keep the Horton General campaign.

The campaign wants to keep the Banbury based hospital as a general hospital.

In his speech, Sir Tony also repeated his instructions that he intends to leave his body to Oxford University’s anatomy department for a number of reasons and said that amongst other things he wants “to ensure that when they open me up they will find inscribed on my hear the words “Keep the Horton General”.

Speaking after the debate Sir Tony said: “Anatomy students nowadays don’t find it very easy to get hold of cadavers on which to practice. As there is quite a lot of me on which to practice and I suspect the liver of anyone who has served more than thirty years as a Member of Parliament is probably worthy of anatomical study.

“Most importantly, I would want the medical students to be able to confirm that engraved on my heart is the phrase “Keep the Horton General.”