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Army reacts to today's review

Army reacts to changes, announced today Photo: Meridian


The future of bases in the South East of England has been confirmed as part of plans to bring the Army home from Germany, Defence Secretary Philip Hammond announced today.

Details were set out in the Army Basing Plan which clarifies for the first time the Army’s future permanent UKlocations.

The New Basing plan will make better use of the Defence estate and provide better accommodation and facilities for ourtroops and their families, as £1.8 billion of investment is spent across theUK.

The main changes in the South East are as follows:

5th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland, based in Canterbury, will reduce in size to a Public Duties Incremental Company and move to Edinburgh in 2014; this was set out in the Army 2020 announcement last year. As a result, Howe Barracks in Canterbury is no longer required and will be disposed of in due course; plans will be made to relocate the smaller units at the site.

Headquarters 2nd (South East) Brigade, based in Folkestone, will merge with 145 (South) Brigade, based in Aldershot., to create Headquarters South East. This will be based in Aldershot. 1st Battalion, The Welsh Guards will be moving into Elizabeth Barracks, Pirbright from Hounslow later this year.

1st Battalion, The Grenadier Guards will be moving into Keogh Barracks, Mytchett from Aldershot after the Defence Medical Training Centre moves out in 2015.

These changes will provide savings and efficiencies for the Army, a sustainablemilitary footprint to support military operations and certainty for personnel and their families.