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Tribute to crash victim

Tributes have been paid to Katherine Howard Photo: Thames Valley Police

The family of a woman who died in road crash have paid tribute to her.

Katherine Howard, 32, from Great Shefford in Berkshire was killed when three vehicles were involved in a collision in Priors Court Road, Hermitage, last week.

In a statement the family said: "Katy was passionate about the theatre, and as well as having a considerable talent for acting, she was also growing as a brilliantly insightful playwright with a natural ability to make her audience smile.

"She also had a love of travelling, which was a blessing, as everywhere that Katy went she touched people's hearts.

"She was warm, vibrant and beautiful. A perfect daughter, a loving wife, the soul mate to her sister, a doting aunty, and a loyal friend to so many.

"But at 3:55pm on Tuesday 26th February she left this world and all its muddles and silliness so she could sit, an angel, on the shoulders of our family and look after us. We miss her so much."