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Farage: "Send in the clowns"

UKIP leader Nigel Farage is in a good mood after last night's election Photo: PA Wire

The UKIP bandwagon is rolling across the true-blue Tory south.

Early results suggest they got more than a quarter of the votes cast yesterday - a remarkable result for a political party usually referred to by opinion pollsters as one of the "Others".

South East MEP Nigel Farage is cock-a-hoop, cheerily acknowledging the congratulations of a passing cab driver as he made his way into the Westminster broadcasting centre. "Send in the clowns!" beamed Mr Farage.

Across our region council seats are falling to UKIP. Tunbridge Wells East, which is about as true-blue Tory as you can get, is the latest to go.

UKIP won't control any county councils at the end if the day - but it's the share if the vote they're getting which will put the wind up the other parties. One defeated Tory councillor in Hampshire has already denounced David Cameron calling him 'dishonest'.

This is UKIP's day. But if Mr Farage has his way it will only be the start: he has his eyes on outright victory in the Euro elections in 12 months' time.