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Cygnets learning to swim

These little cygnets will soon be learning to swim Photo: Watershed PR

Cygnets hatching at Abbotsbury Swannery have been placed in special rearing pens so they can learn to swim in a sheltered spot.

The world’s only managed colony of mute swans is located at the Fleet Lagoon, off Chesil Beach in Dorset.

Cygnets started hatching last week and baby swans from about six nests have been moved to rearing pens to practice their swimming.

They have been making a splash with visitors, who can walk every day through the Swannery, see cygnets hatching and participate in mass feedings at 12 noon and 4pm.

About 100 breeding pairs of swans have produced around 500 eggs on 100 nests, which will carry on hatching until late June.

One pair of swans have produced 10 eggs. The record for the highest number of eggs in a clutch at Abbotsbury Swannery is 12.