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Man behind bars after frenzied knife attack

Knife used in the attack Photo: Kent Police

A Folkestone man who left another fighting for his life following a frenzied knife attack has been sentenced to 15 years behind bars.

Stephen Boorman, 28, of Coolinge Road, Folkestone, denied inflicting the life threatening injuries on 44-year-old Darren McMorran at a flat in Black Bull Road, Folkestone, in August last year.

However, he was found guilty of the offence by a jury at Canterbury Crown Court.

Boorman had been drinking at the flat with Mr McMorran and another man on August 16.

As the time neared 6pm, Boorman became agitated as he was on a curfew. He then attacked Mr McMorran with a knife, stabbing him four times.

Mr McMorran left the flat and members of the public rushed to his aid. One women used her shawl to try and stop the bleeding while another man took off his jumper and used it to stem the flow of blood. Paramedics arrived quickly and he was rushed to a London hospital and placed in the intensive care unit.

Police arrived in Black Bull Road and closed off the crime scene. An officer at the rear of the flats spotted the knife over a wall in the river.

He then saw Boorman with blood stained clothing and arrested him before the knife was recovered.

Stephen Boorman Credit: Kent Police

Boorman was later charged with attempted murder.

The victim says he is now suffering from long lasting effects, particularly on his left arm and lungs.

Det Insp Gavin Moss said: "This was a horrific attack and the victim was lucky to escape from it with his life. After the incident Mr McMorran was curled up on the pavement and losing vast amounts of blood.

"Despite being faced with an alarming incident a number of people rushed to help the victim. Not only did they administer life-saving first aid but they also contacted the emergency services, giving clear and concise information which allowed both the police and paramedics the best possible chance of saving Mr McMorran’s life whilst preserving crucial evidence.

"I have nothing but praise for these individuals, who refused to look the other way and came to the aid of someone who was in dire need of help.

"The following extensive investigation allowed officers from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate to work with the Crown Prosecution Service to put a wealth of evidence before the court.

"Based on this, the jury were able to conclude beyond any reasonable doubt that Boorman was guilty of this vicious assault."