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Inquest into Greenland death trek

Philip Goodeve-Docker (left) and friends Photo: PA

An inquest will resume today into the case of a man who died after getting caught up in a severe snow storm during a trip of a lifetime to Greenland.

Philip Goodeve-Docker, 37, who had described the expedition as one of the "great polar challenges", was crossing the Greenland ice cap with two friends when they became trapped in the sudden storm.

It took around 30 hours for emergency teams to reach them and airlift them to safety but Mr Goodeve-Docker died before their arrival.

The trio were apparently caught up in a storm known as a Piteraq two days into their 30-day, 400 mile unsupported trek across the glacier on April 28.

Mr Goodeve-Docker was already dead when rescuers arrived and his cause of death was given as hypothermia.

His fellow explorers suffered frostbite and shock.

On his JustGiving page Mr Goodeve-Docker wrote of the dangers he would face travelling across one of the most "deadly landscapes in the world".

He said the trek across the world's second largest ice cap from east to west would take 30 to 35 days.

Before leaving for Greenland, Mr Goodeve-Docker wrote on his JustGiving page: "On the 19th April 2013 (having left on the 16th April) I will be in Greenland preparing to cross the 2nd largest icecap in world. For the next 30-35 days a 3 man team, including myself, fellow adventurer Andy Norman, and led by my polar explorer friend Roan Hackney, will attempt to cross Greenland's icesheet unsupported. Part of my reasons for this frankly nutty adventure is my Grandfather, Patrick Pirie-Gordon, who passed away two years ago. Amongst his achievements were his key roles as Treasurer and Honorary Vice-President for the Royal Geographical Society, helping fund polar exploration, and Treasurer for the QNI (Queen's Nursing Institute). He was intensely passionate about both these institutions. It gave me added incentive to say yes to the expedition and, because of their fantastic work in nursing & helping those in need at home, to do my part for QNI. They really do fantastic work. So please dig deep and donate now. All the support will be great incentive to come back in one piece! :) I'm going back outside to stumble around with tyres again..wish me luck!"