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Another day...another weather warning!

Strong winds and heavy rain. Photo: Met Office

So here we go again then with yet more stormy weather on the way.

A deep low pressure system to the west will push a band of heavy rain north eastwards through the region this evening and of course an inch of rain is the last thing we need with the ground already sodden in many places and flooding still an issue.

And it's going to get very windy too. Tonight we could see gusts of around 50 mph inland and up to 60 or 70 mph along the coast. The winds and rain will ease during the early hours but the gales will return around the middle of the day and early afternoon tomorrow, again with potential for 70 mph gusts along the channel.

Now winds that strong will no doubt cause some disruption and with the ground being so soggy it's likely a few trees won't manage to stay up. Expect huge and dangerous waves at high tides times too.

And guess what...there's even more stormy weather on the way later in the week too.

You can find the latest Met Office warnings by clicking here.

So stay safe and take care!

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