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Oxfordshire facing "worse flooding since 2007"

Recent flooding on Abingdon Road, Oxford Photo: PA

BOTLEY Road and Abingdon Road in Oxford are closed as the city experiences flooding on a scale not seen since 2007.

Officials have said they believe flooding today will hit the city from in a repeat of last month’s chaos and insiders say the flooding could even be as bad as seven years ago.

According to the Environment Agency river levels are higher in Oxford than in 2007. Abingdon has also been badly affected . Flood defences have gone up in Oxford but more bad weather is predicted to hit the county overnight.

Abingdon Road during recent flooding Credit: PA

This is the latest flood information for central Oxford from the Environment Agency:

The River Thames and its tributaries at Binsey and Osney are expected to continue rising for the next few days. Properties close to the river in low lying areas may start to be affected on Sunday the ninth of February. The weather prospects are to expect heavy showers overnight and into Sunday morning.

Abingdon Road Credit: PA

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