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Floods in Arundel Photo: Michelle Clark

Well what a winter it's been and it hasn't even finished!

The Met Office determine the seasons by calendar months and so the meteorological winter runs from the start of December until the end of February and already, and this probably won't surprise you, we've seen record breaking amounts of rainfall.

So here are the stats that the number crunchers have come up with.

The ITV Meridian region is covered by the data for Southeast and Central Southern England where we've seen 492mm of rain. That's more than a foot and a half! It comfortably beats the previous record of 437.1mm set in 1915...and there's still another week of winter to go!

Meanwhile the UK as a whole has now received 486.8mm of rain which is narrowly above the previous record of 485.1mm set in 1995.

So all of this means that this has been the UK’s wettest winter since records began in 1910.

Roll on spring!

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