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A young starling Photo: Credit : John Cuthbert

The results are in and they've been counted and verified and the RSPB have revealed that the top three birds spotted in the ITV Meridian region this year were the house sparrow, the blue tit and the starling.

House sparrows have declined by more than 60 per cent since 1979 when the Big Garden Bird Watch started but their fall in numbers seems to have slowed down.

House sparrow Credit: RSPB

Blue tits are also number two nationally in the BGBW charts and are generally holding their own.

Blue tit Credit: Mel Smith

Starlings however, despite being at number three, are still a cause for concern as their numbers have dropped by more than 80 per cent since 1979.

Starling Credit: RSPB

The mild weather this year winter has influenced the birds we've seen in our gardens, for example blue tits are thought to be more dependent on the food we put out for them in our gardens and so are more often spotted. Whilst blackbirds which are at number five on the list can find their own food – worms and insects – in the countryside.

Overall fewer birds will come into gardens in search of food when the weather is milder.

Here's the top ten in full.

1 - House Sparrow

2 - Blue tit

3 - Starling

4 - Woodpigeon

5 - Blackbird

6 - Great tit

7 - Robin

8 - Collard dove

9 - Goldfinch

10 - Magpie

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