Simon's Blog - Trees That look Like Other things

A yew tree in Coldwaltham. Photo: Credit: David Evans & Sue Goldsack

David and Sue reckon it looks like a goat but I'm thinking a cow!

Here are some more that have turned up in the inbox...

A giraffe in Shoreham-by-Sea. Credit: David Tarr
An ostrich or maybe the cartoon Roadrunner in Hinton Waldrist. Credit: Audrey Gibbens
A horse in Horsham. Credit: Mick Bridle
A squirrel on the Isle Of Sheppey. Credit: Keith Miles
And how about this one in River near Dover? Credit: Phillip Mackenzie

Phillip reckons the Spitting Image puppet of Margaret Thatcher!

If you spot any more, whether or not they look like former Prime Ministers, I'd love to see them.